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Her Story

Joanie Char, the first Chinese designer in San Francisco, has been in business since the 1960's. Joanie Char was born in China and immigrated to San Francisco in the early '60s and she brought with her love and enthusiasm for women's fashion. In the 1960-70's when polyester was the primary fabric used, she was the first to use natural fibers. In the '80s she went wholesale and since the '90s she reopened her own boutique providing customers unique designs and personalized customer service.

Her Designs

Still based in San Francisco, CA, fashion designer Joanie Char, creates beautiful looks to flatter the figure, enhance the feminine mystique, and help a woman to feel her self-confident best for any occasion.  The Joanie Char look has captured the imagination of women across the country. These go-anywhere looks are perfect for special occasions, travel get-aways, or building a working wardrobe. Manufactured locally in her own facilities, Joanie Char keeps her collection affordable. Our look is timeless, and the mood is international.


Her Services

 Visit our store and meet Joanie Char in person. She values her customers and provides custom fit and on site alterations.  One of Joanie Char's specialty is helping mother of brides or grooms look their best on that special day. Please let her know about your special event! 

Our garments are all made in the U.S.A. 

 Thank you for supporting a locally owned multi-generational family business. 

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